All good things must come to an end, and we departed our lovely villa on Saturday, October. 20th to drive to Rome. Our plan was for me to drop everyone off at our hotel, return the rental car, spend the night at a hotel airport for a stressless departure early on Sunday. Good plan — not entirely easy to carry off. The drive to Rome was fine until we got lost trying to get to our hotel. Wat would any of our driving days be without getting lost at least once?!

So we adjusted the plan, deciding to return the rental car first and then take the hotel courtesy van to our hotel. That was a fine idea until we got to the airport where it took some time to find the rental car return, and then more time and lots of walking to find the courtesy van for our hotel. At last, mission accomplished, we finally arrived at our hotel, relaxed, drank some wine, ate a little dinner, and collapsed into bed.

The return trip was without incident, but made for a long day. But we if finally made it home at 10 pm on Sunday, October 21st. I’ve now been back at work for a week and the whole adventure seems sort of like a dream. I do wish we could all adopt that slower, more relaxed pace of life that seems to be the norm in Italy — it was so lovely!