Even though it was raining, we drove through the countryside to find a vineyard we’d researched a bit and do some wine tasting. The rain and signage made things difficult and our driver (that would be me!) got lost at least once as we tried to find the turnoff to the Avignonese Vineyard, or alternatively, Le Capezzine Estate, near Valiano. The roads are very narrow and there are few places to turn off, turn around, etc. We finally found a small cafe that was open, and a woman who spoke at least enough English to point us in the right direction.

At last, after driving up a cypress-lined road, we reached our destination, perched on a hill. Our hostess was a charming young woman from Norway who described the various wines and we had a lovely and relaxed time. By the time we were ready to depart, the rain had stopped and the sun was out, which made the drive home much easier.

In the evening, we had a girls’ dinner out in Cortona, while Sam enjoyed a quiet evening of reading and NOT being surrounded by women!