As my groups of guests come and go, I’ve found that it helps them to recover from their jet lag and general traveling tiredness if I feed them, put them to bed and let them sleep late the next morning. Most of the time, that’s meant at least 12 or 14 hours of sleeping! It’s so quiet here, and the shutters keep out the light so that it’s very easy to sleep more hours than you would at home. Very nice….

Once, they’re up and have consumed enough coffee to feel awake, I take the up the mountain into Cortona, which is such a relaxed and easy city and close to home base. We enjoy a little walk, some late lunch, a little more walking and exploring, and then maybe some gelato before we head back to the villa for a nap before we make dinner. It makes for a lovely and relaxed day for the first day of the visit. Here is this week’s group — Iris, Sam, Sally and Carol in Cortona.

Tomorrow, we might try something more energetic, but we’ll need to see how everyone is feeling at the time. We may just want to spend a quiet day reading and walking around this beautiful property.