Today we drove to Orvieta, a lovely mountain town Kate and Jonathan had raved about. They took the train for their visit, we opted to drive, which was maybe not the best choice. It looked like an easy drive — about 65 kilometers, but what the map didn’t show was that the roads were those incredibly twisty-turns mountain roads that made the trip take much longer than it would have taken by train. Beautiful views, but way more complicated driving than I really wanted to do!

We said at that point, that we’d take the A-1 toll road for the trip back to save time. So on the trip back, we got to the toll road and thought we we’d get back home quickly, but we missed the exit and went almost an hour out of our way because we couldn’t get OFF the toll road! There were simply no exits for many, many kilometers. We finally got turned around and back on the toll road and back home just as it was getting dark.

Our time in Orvieto was lovely — truly a beautiful mountain town built on huge rock ramparts– fabulous fortification against any invaders. We ate lunch in a delightful vinyl cafe with oodles of great albums, and took lots of photos of the amazing duomo — certainly one of the most beautiful churches we’ve seen so far.

Jim, Judy, Tim and Shannon in Orvieto