Saturday has turned out to be another day when the group has split up to go different directions. Kate, Jonathan and Thierry went to Orvieto by train to have a family day and ride the funicular to the top of the hill. Toni and Fred returned to Cortona to spend a relaxed day in that lovely hill town. Alex, Lucas and Barb opted for a quiet day at the villa, packing in preparation for an early start back to the airport tomorrow morning. I stayed with them to do some reading, practice my singing, and just generally hang out.

Around noon, the four of us decided we needed a gelato break, so we drove into Camuchia to find a gelateria and enjoy one last cup or cone before they all return to the US. The gelato here is so wonderful — very flavorful, and the fruit flavors are particularly delicious. Today I had cherry, but in Rome, I had a melon gelato that was heavenly.

Everyone is planning to return by 4 pm so we can enjoy an early dinner together and drink some of the wine we brought back with us from Wednesday’s vineyard outing. Kate and Jonathan are planning a seafood pasta that should be yummy, and I’ll make some pesto and tomato bruschetta to go with.