After the busy week we’d had, I decided to spend Friday by myself. Kate and Jonathan went off to Sienna by car, while Toni, Fred, Alex, Lucas and Barb took the train to Florence. I stayed home and did laundry, hiked, read my book, took a nice soaky bath, a nap,and posted lots of updates to this blog.

Kate and Jonathan returned earlier than expected and Kate whipped up a lovely light pasta dish for the three of us for dinner.

The Florence group had a good day, but disappointingly, many of the museums were closed because of a strike, so they couldn’t see some of thE sights they’d planned on. Still, they had a great time, and the train trip to and from was exciting for the boys.

The group got back fairly late, but we fed everyone and hustled the boys off to bed, and the adults followed suit not too much later.