Thursday was quite a gastronomic adventure.  Toni, Jonathan’s mom, treated Kate and me, herself and her husband, Fred, to a cooking lesson.  We met our teacher and host, Alessandra at 9:30 at a coffee bar and discussed the menu over cappuccino.  Then she took us shopping at three different shops — one for dry goods, a butcher for the sausage and prosciutto, and another for the fresh produce for the meal.  Then we drove to her home, where we spent the day preparing and eating the different dishes, one course at a time.

We started with an antipasta plate of cheese,mortadella, salami, and prosciutto- wrapped honeydew melon.  And a zucchini frittata. Then we made ravioli stuffed with potato and sausage, but before we cooked the pasta, we made and ate a fabulous mushroom risotto.  Then the ravioli, and finally, molten chocolate cakes with fresh peach slices.

We began cooking the meal at 1 pm, ate the first course at 3 pm and finished off the cakes with small glasses of limoncello or grappa at about 8 pm. An amazing day of wonderful food and conversation — thank you to our host Alessandra, and to Toni for choosing this treat! /p>