This weekend was consumed with running errands to make sure I had everything I could possibly need for this trip!  Adapters, converters, medications, vitamins, sunscreen, lotion, etc, etc etc — seemingly ad infinitum!

Of course, now I’m wondering if I’m taking too much STUFF with me on this trip.  I don’t think I’m overpacking on clothing — I will need a change of clothes or two for the duration.  But all of the toiletries seem to add enormous bulk.  It’s not that I wear a lot of makeup, but add in sunscreen, bug spray, face lotions, etc, etc, etc…..   I do want to make sure I leave enough room in my bag for all of the gifts I will need to bring home.  So tonight I will make sure I can get all of this in my bag with enough extra space to bring home more than I take over : )